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The Family Tree

up to 8 people

up to 20 people



The tour “THE FAMILY TREE” has the purpose to visit the places where your ancestors were born, those of your roots, with the assistance of our drivers who will help you look for connections that still exist on the territory so you can get together with those lost during the migration overseas that has characterized our modern history, creating a link between the two cultures in which they are not so far away.

Sicily and Naples were separated in 1458, but remained dependencies of Aragon under Ferdinand.
This state of affairs did not last long, as Spain won Naples from the French at the Battle of Garigliano in 1503.
Following the Spanish victory, Naples became part of the Spanish Empire, and remained so throughout the Spanish period.
In 1714, Spanish rule over Naples came to an end as a result of the War of the Spanish Succession.
However, the War of the Polish Succession saw the Spanish regain Sicily and Naples as part of a personal union, with the 1738 Treaty of Vienna.
Naples became part of the Kingdom of Italy in 1861 as part of the Italian unification.

Locating Town of Origin in Italy
In order to research your family in Italy, it is essential that you have identified the place where they came from.
You must know the city, town, or parish that they came from.
A few records are indexed, but many records will require going directly to photocopied local records, which are only available by town name.
it will be difficult to identify the place of origin by going directly to Italy sources.
Therefore, you will need to search in United States (or other country of arrival) sources first.
See Italy Gathering Information to Locate Place of Origin to learn how to search for the Italian place of origin in United States records.
Send us an email with all the information you have about your origin and we will be happy to organize for you an unforgettable day.
We will take you to the places where your ancestors were born and race before to leave Italy looking for a better life.
We will assist you in the City Hall and the Church looking for document and certification that you might want to keep and take back home as family memories.
We will visit the local cemetery were your family members are resting in peace and hopefully, if there are relatives still alive in town we will meet them.

Tour order may be reversed but all sites will be visited.

Our Rates

Include: Trasportation in a comfortable Mercedes van equiepped with double air-conditioning and refreshments, English or Spanish speaking driver, Highway tolls,car fuel and Parking.

Exclude: Entrance tickets, lunch and any eventual extras and gratuities. Archeological sites free for children under 18.

An authorized archeological guide is available for 120 € / 2hours – or full day 220 €

Every itinerary can be modified to fit any special need or request.