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Pompeii HALF DAY

up to 8 people

up to 20 people


  • Pompeii archeologial ruins


Explore the UNESCO-listed remains of the Roman town of Pompeii on a 4-hour tour.
After Port,Airport,Hotel or train station pickup, ride an air-conditioned veichle to the Pompeii archaeological park.
Following an early morning pickup from Naples, travel onward by minivan for the 35-minute journey to the ancient Roman city of Pompeii, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
It was here — on a summer’s day in the year 79AD — that Mount Vesuvius erupted, spewing volcanic ash over the prosperous city of Pompeii.
Unaware of the imminent danger, most people continued on with their daily lives.
As a result, the entire town and around 20,000 of its inhabitants were buried under tons of ash and burning pumice.
Almost 2,000 years later, ancient Pompeii remains preserved and the artefacts on display provide a fascinating insight into life in the Roman-era.
Enter the ancient site and see first-hand the houses, streets and public buildings locked in time by the volcanic ash.
See Pompeii’s ancient piazza and Forum, where business dealings, elections, speeches and processions would have played out during Roman times.
Wander the site, marvel at the ancient limestone columns still standing today and capture the centuries-old scenery on camera.
Continue to the thermal baths, where many of the townsfolk would have bathed, chatted and lived out their daily lives before the eruption.
Wander down Via degli Augustali and discover the Lupanare, Pompeii’s brothel.
A 2-storey building with five rooms on each floor, the Lupanare is decorated with some of the city’s most lustful frescoes.
Explore the Casa dei Vettii (Vetti’s House), a luxury residence in the town.
Careful excavation has revealed a number of beautiful frescoes on the walls of the house, evidence of the wealth and stature of its former inhabitants.
Your exact route will depend on the crowds and weather conditions.
At the end of your time in Pompeii, travel back to Naples by minivan where your tour will come to an end.

Tour order may be reversed but all sites will be visited.

Our Rates

Include: Trasportation in a comfortable Mercedes van equiepped with double air-conditioning and refreshments, English or Spanish speaking driver, Highway tolls,car fuel and Parking.

Exclude: Entrance tickets, lunch and any eventual extras and gratuities. Archeological sites free for children under 18.

An authorized archeological guide is available for 120 € / 2hours

Every itinerary can be modified to fit any special need or request.