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Naples & the Phlegrean Fields

up to 8 people

up to 20 people


  • Naples city center
  • Naples historical and Monumental center
  • Amazing Panoramic area of Naples
  • Phlegreian Fields
  • Pozzuoli Village
  • Solfatra Volcano
  • Averno lake


This excursion is about of some of the wonderful sights of Naples and the surrounding region.
It concentrates on the city of Naples itself and the Phlegrean Fields (or Campi Flegrei) around the Bay to the west of the city.
Naples is the largest city in southern Italy and the most densely populated city in Europe, with a population, including suburbs, of around three million people.
The earliest urban settlement, possibly Phoenician, was founded on the Parthenope hill (supposedly where the body of the Siren washed ashore after her rejection by Odysseus); this settlement was conquered by Greek colonists from Rhodes around the 10th century BC.
Other Greek colonists, perhaps from Cumae, founded the nearby settlement of Neapolis or “new city” in about 600 BC.
Much of the area of interest to tourists still centers on the site of the Greek and Roman city, on the hills of Capodimonte and Vomero overlooking it, and on the area along the waterfront from the “New” Castle to Capo Posillipo.
The food is some of the best in Italy and also some of the most familiar to many of us.
Pizza was invented in Naples, and it’s the best in the world.
The wine, though not as well known as that of other regions, is good and getting better.
The coffee is the best in Italy.
The street life alone is worth the trip.
The saying (often attributed to Goethe) goes “See Naples and Die”.
I’m not sure I would go that far, but the first part I highly recommend!

The Phlegrean Fields or Campi Flegrei encompasses the area west of Naples along the bay.
The name, literally burning fields, refers to the highly volcanic nature of this area.
Although none of the volcanoes here are technically considered “active” today, there’s still plenty of seismic activity as can be seen by a visit to Solfatara or in the still-visible evidence of the massive 1980 earthquake throughout the region.

Tour order may be reversed but all sites will be visited.

Our Rates

Include: Trasportation in a comfortable Mercedes van equiepped with double air-conditioning and refreshments, English or Spanish speaking driver, Highway tolls,car fuel and Parking.

Exclude: Entrance tickets, lunch and any eventual extras and gratuities. Archeological sites free for children under 18.

Every itinerary can be modified to fit any special need or request.